How will your business finish the year?

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We have just kicked-off the fourth quarter of a very unusual year. For most businesses, their financial view does not mirror last year and the goals of 2020 have shifted with the state of the world. While last year’s activity may not predict 2020 results, the action of planning is still very important. I challenge you to set a goal and have a plan!
Below are some actions steps to help you get started.
  • Review your current financial accounting information.
  • Update your financial records as of 9.30.2020.
  • Identify your current expectations for revenue and expenses.
  • Be realistic.
  • Don’t overcomplicate the planning, use the 5 largest categories to create an outline and use your business knowledge to plan the next 3 months.
    • Sales
    • Cost of Sales
    • Cost of People
    • Rent
    • Technology
You’ve got this! Connect with us if you would like some guidance.
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