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“Data collected is powerful. It’s not just a point in time, it’s a collection of time. And I’ve seen that work for people.” – Michelle Vilms

For Michelle Vilms, it’s not just about the numbers. It’s about the transformative effect those numbers can have on a business when they’re organized and simplified.

“The part that excites me is that training and the way that people flourish in their own passion,” says Michelle. “We’re really empowering them to make really great business decisions.”

Traditionally, we leave our bookkeeping in the backroom, a mystery for some accounting wizard to fix for us once a month or once a year because we have to. But what if understanding our finances is easier than we think? And what if that meant we could dramatically improve our businesses?  

That’s that “aha” moment that Michelle has made her life’s work.  

She’s spent decades perfecting it. Michelle uses new technology to give small businesses the power to understand their finances minute-to-minute, empowering them to grow and expand in new ways. Michelle understand the challenges of small businesses intimately. She is one.

In the 1990s, Michelle was part of the team that helped grow office supplies store Staples from a chain of more than 100 stores to a $15 billion company as director of marketing and finance. But after 11 years, she made the tough decision to leave and pursue her calling as a financial consultant. Vilms Consulting naturally grew out of that work.

Today Michelle serves clients with earnings in the $500,000 to $6 million range. She marries the newest technologies with a tried-and-true human approach to accounting. She helps businesses and nonprofits not only get their finances in order, but also truly understand them.

“We’re your practical accountants,” she says simply. “There has to be a human element.”

It’s a different, more personal approach than clients find at large accounting firms.

Using QuickBooks Online, TSheets and Bill.com, Michelle helps clients build efficient and intuitive systems for their accounting and plan for their futures. But more than that, she aims to give them the keys to their own businesses.

Michelle is a QuickBooks Advanced Certified ProAdvisor. She earned her BS in Accountancy from Long Island University and her MBA from Babson College. She supports many nonprofits in the Boston area and serves as an Artemis Circle Committee Member for the Boys & Girls Club of Boston and is an overseer for the New England Aquarium.

When Michelle is not working she likes to spend time on the beach by the ocean, any ocean in any season, every chance she gets.

“I’m adamant that the owners need to be involved and understand it,” she says. “That’s what makes you successful.”

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Our Team

  • Michelle Vilms
    Michelle Vilms Founder

    Michelle has over twenty years of experience in financial management in corporate and entrepreneurial settings, and board experience with non-profit civic organizations. She took on her first consulting client in 2008, and since then has worked with clients in a wide range of businesses. Michelle is a QuickBooks Advanced Certified ProAdvisor. She earned her BS in Accountancy from Long Island University and her MBA from Babson College.

  • Accounting Services Team
    Accounting Services Team

    Some of our services are provided remotely by our expert accounting team. Our expert team is led by Pat and Lisa who have over fifteen years of experience working in accounting roles at small businesses. Together they help to provide some of the essential bookkeeping skills necessary for your business. Along with their excellent organizational and strong communication skills, as a team they help to make collaborate and decisive decisions for your business.

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  • Vilms Consulting has quickly become a valued extension of our accounting team.  Michelle and her team have taken a consultative and proactive approach toward building efficiency and value across all aspects of our accounting, systems, and financial reporting.”

    Jeff McMahon CEO, Voicify
  • “Michelle and her team have added great value to our consulting business by allowing us to see the true financial state of the business. She worked with Point Taken Consulting to recommend and implement changes that gave us much greater insight into the drivers of our business. We made accounting procedural changes, and are implementing a new budgeting process to help better manage our business. She is a quick study, responsive and creative.”

    BETH ROGERS Point Taken
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